Thursday, 9 August 2012

Challenge Quilts part 1 - more to post.

Kathy based her beautiful quilt on a story about lost dogs - look closely and you might see some cats. Kathy's newspaper was dated 22 February 1977.

Leslie's very clever quilt is about ace airmen who cheated death by parachuting out  - see them falling? Leslie's newspaper date was 3 October 1962 and both pages of her newspaper featured this story.

Narell's newspaper headline was a story about baby Bertie who was going to be in jail with his mother for Christmas. He received a teddy bear for Christmas. The date Narell used was 21 December 1985.

Penny used some advertisements in her 29 November 1910 newspaper about  stallions standing at season, there are tiny flowers embroidered on her quilt. This quilt was the earliest date used in our challenge 

Phillippa entered 3 quilts which was the maximum number of entries stipulated for one newspaper date. This one was based on 'Reds order YMCA man out.
 Newspaper date was 13 August 1960.

Irene's newspaper had a headline with the word 'Wheeled' in it so she elected to make her quilt  based on that. This stunning quilt has since been hand quilted with the wheel spokes
The idea Irene used is based on an image by Conor Ogle, London. The quilt was made in collaboration with her daughter who was born 'on this day' - 6 July 1976.

This quilt was made with old pieces of Japanese silk and was linked to the one below by a single red thread. The local newspaper on the day of our Exhibition had a story about Hiroshima. These 2 quilts were displayed together to demonstrate  the idea behind our 2012 Challenge.

This was linked to the quilt above by a single red thread.

Sandra based her quilt on a story about a kite closing the airport. The foundation pieced kite was designed by Sandra and the shadows in the background are done with organza. There is also a tail to the kite hanging from the quilt. Sandra remembers seeing a mystery object in the sky on the way to her wedding on 31 December 1966, the date she selected.

Robyn used the headline '20 Knights in Queen's Honours' from the Daily Telegraph, 3 June 1972. The chess pieces are set up in the 4 Knights Pillsbury attack move. Included in the 1972 honours list was Pastor Doug Nichols -  the first aboriginal to be knighted. 

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