Monday, 13 August 2012

Last of Challenge Quilts

Noreen said that her newspaper only had stories about spys. We all saw the penny drop as she said it and off she went and created this fabulous Spy vs Spy quilt.
Noreen was busy with helping out with other tasks for the exhibition and didn't get it completed in time for showing. The quilt is square  - my poor photography.
28 September 1954
PAMIR - a New Zealand owned barque in full sail from Antwerp to  New Zealand on 3 May 1948. A journey that took three months.  It was really enjoyable to revisit old newspapers and to research the stories. 
Look how Sue interpreted 3 advertisements for alcohol.
Drunkards Path in drinks printed fabric....brilliant!
Clever, clever, clever.
Wendy elected to use the '$2000  Rose Show' header for her quilt
All these photos can be expanded (hopefully) and if you look closely at this one it has spider webs and beaded red back spiders - she said if it has been on display since 27 September 1959 they would feature.
Robyn's funny looking quilt   - if you stand at 60% either side you can see both horses.
This is about a horse race in country Victoria where it was alleged the horse that raced and won had been substituted with a similar looking horse.  Date used was 3 June 1972

The prize ribbon refers to the winner of the race.
Was it Royal School?

Or was it Regal Vista?

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