Thursday, 23 August 2012

Some More River Quilts

All the quilts featured have straight sides - blame my poor photography

Helen: Love's Temple
Inspired by an oil painting by Michael Zavros - Love's Temple. 2006.  Helen's amazing quilt is done in silks and glows.
Welcome to Queanbeyan
My welcome to Queanbeyan River - we have lived next to the Queanbeyan River for 25 years. We have shared our back yard with platypus,kangaroos,snakes,water rats and ducks to name a few. We have seen the river in full flood and witnessed it as a trickle.
It's my home and I enjoy being here.
Is that a zebra in the jungle?
...or is it a lion?
Bargello with Ducks
Most of my friends know I love ducks! A simple bargello design provides the border for the pre-printed panel. the gum tree branch came from a second hand shop so I cannot take credit for it.

Phillippa: Tibooburra River
I printed the fabric for this quilt. The river bed is fabric and I added to it with drawing and crayon.
Phillippa: Tasmanian River
This idea for this river is taken from a photo of a Tasmanian river.

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