Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Queanbeyan Quilts 2014

Queanbeyan Quilts next Exhibition is on from 4 to 6 April 2014. Planning is progressing at a fast rate and some exciting new initiatives will be announced shortly.

Last meeting, details of our new Club Group Quilt were released. This group quilt is open to all QQ members and  has already attracted interest from the organisations that displayed the River Quilts this year. The quilt will also form a special exhibition at the QQ Exhibition in 2014.
Details are -

Up the Garden Path


Size:   14 inches wide
28 inches long
Portrait orientation

A garden themed member’s exhibition featuring small wall hangings, made to the dimensions indicated above. These will hang next to each other (as with the River Quilts) and will hang on 2 levels.  This project is open to all members but is limited to the number of fat quarters we have, which is 50.

A green batik fabric, to be supplied by Claire Ayling, must be a part of each quilt. There is no limit on the amount to be used. The fabric is available from Robyn or Kay in fat quarter pieces at a cost of $4.50 each.

Claire has asked that this group quilt be made available for exhibiting in Goulburn and it will feature at the Queanbeyan Visitor’s Information Centre as part of Queanbeyan’s 175th Anniversary (28 September 2013) and also for the week before Floriade.

You can select - a season, day or night, sunrise/sunset, a specific Country icon, a city garden, a feature such as a bridge, boat, cottage, flowers, trees, weeds, animal or bird/s, flat scene, hilly, mountains, city buildings. …in fact anything goes as long as there is a garden theme to it.

The quilt should be the standard 3 layers.  Any technique can be used – embroidery, photos, bargello, painted, representational, abstract, blocks, work inspired by workshops such as by Fiona Hammond, Kim Bradley, Gloria Loughman or Helen Godden. Adornments can be added – beads, trimmings, 3D work etc.

If you need images try going to www.google.com.au and click on images (at the top left of the page) - try keywords such as garden, flowers, bridge, waterfall, mountain stream, autumn, spring, garden fountain and any other words connected with paths and tracks. Try adding the word ‘quilt’ to your keyword search to see quilts made to the theme.

The quilt remains your property although we may ask to borrow it for exhibiting elsewhere. 

Your quilt must have a label that includes your name and what inspired you.

Have fun with this challenge and we look forward to seeing your quilt.

Questions?         Kay ph. 6299 8517     Robyn ph. 6299 8555     

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