Friday, 21 September 2012

Red Cross Challenge for Queanbeyan Quilts 2014 Exhibition

Cheer, Cheer the Red and the White

A display to acknowledge 100 years of the Red Cross in Australia in 2014.

This challenge will add a category to our 2014 exhibition and caters for members who would like to complete a miniature quilt. It should be a visually stunning additional display to the 2014 Exhibition and we encourage all members to submit at least one entry. The category for this display will be Small Wonders and will be eligible for a viewers choice award.

Rules are:

Use only red and white fabrics that are self patterned, a combination of the two colours or solid. Reds can range from light to dark and whites can include creamy whites, grey whites or self patterned whites. All quilting threads should be red or white. Small amounts of black, gold or silver are also permitted. You may use up to 95% of red or white together with its contrast.

Fabrics and textiles other than cottons may be used provided they are red or white and may include small amounts of black, silver and gold threads or fabric.

Any style of quilt is acceptable - traditional, appliqued, embroidered, incorporating stitchery, modern, painted or miniature.

Subject is open - it does not have to be a Red Cross theme.

Size is to be up to 24" square or to fit into a 24" square therefore allowing for round or irregular sides. There is no minimum size.

Members may enter up to 5 entries however we have the right to limit these if hanging space runs out. The extra entries would then be part of the main exhibition.

You have to keep your quilt/s a secret until they are displayed on the night before the exhibition.

Please register your interest on the 'Cheer, Cheer the Red and White 2014 Challenge' sheet provided so we have numbers prior to the exhibition.

Entry fee for this challenge is a voluntary donation of $5 to the Red Cross to be collected at quilt registration for the 2014 exhibition.

Questions:  Kay ph. 6299 8517  Robyn ph. 6299 8555     

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