Friday, 6 June 2014

Drop-in Day

This morning was the first Thursday in the month so a good number of people dropped in to the RB Smith Centre for a bit of a chat and a sew/stitch/cut/knit session. Such a wide range of interests our members have, coming along to our sessions is a great chance to find out more about all sorts of arty/crafty activities. Morning tea was particularly yummy, thank you to the ladies who cooked for us.

Today, Nel Donaldson showed us what she had stitched together so far. It is bright and happy and looks fabulous. This is her first quilt so it is very impressive what she has managed to do. Narell taught her how to cut fabric and now she is well away with her quiltmaking. (Rotary cutters are scary and dangerous when you first come across them.) Nel says there are two more rows to be sewn on to the top we can see here.  She subscribes to The Art of Quilting and each week receives fabric and a pattern to make a block, along with other information. If you are a beginner, this may work for you too so have a look at it on the link below. There are certainly a lot of lovely blocks to make on the site and more coming out all the time.

Nel Donaldson on the right, showing her wonderful first quilt in progress.
 Keep up the good work Nel.

Next drop-in day is in two weeks, on the 19th June.

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