Monday, 30 June 2014

June Meeting Night

QQ Inc held its June meeting last Friday night at Letchworth. It was well attended, with much lively discussion about numerous issues the Members are involved in and some preparation for next month's AGM. Our speaker was Helen Worth who talked a bit about how she got started and continued with her embroidery. 

She had lots of samples to show us of what she has done and expressed willingness to show anyone how to do it themselves.  

Show and Tell, some members showed what they had made during Moni's demonstration of the Fractured Quilt. 

Julie Herring showed some of her innovative course work she's been doing.

Thanks to Kay White, there were lots of gift quilts to show, all quilted now and with bindings machine-sewn on ready for members to take home and in their own time hand-sew the binding to the back. There is no rush to return them ladies, we know you lead busy lives. The meeting broke for people to collect a drink and some of the abundant supper available while they continued to look at Helen's work and chat amongst themselves.

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