Sunday, 17 April 2016

Some of the large quilts that you voted for at our sponsored Exhibition

Large Quilts Category

First Prize                No. 58    Alpine Delight   by Narell Smit
  • Scissorman - Ottlite Marrietta floor lamp

Second Prize            No. 75     Japanese Inspirations  by Dacia Wells
  • Claire Ayling Bali Batiks - Batik fabric 

Third Prize               No. 38   Twittersville       by Wendy Luff
  • Kay's Quilts - $175 quilting voucher

Fourth Place             No. 35   La Passacaglia   by Wendy Luff

Fifth Prize                No. 51   Well That's Just Tropical!    by Cassandra Philpot
  • Scissorman - Multi-level floor lamp

Sixth Place               No. 80   Who's Who     by Dacia Wells

Seventh Place          No. 47  Orange Peel   by Cassandra Philpot

Eighth Prize             No. 17   Sampler - King Sized  by Christney Fail
  • Restaway Holiday Units - 1 free night + discounts

Ninth Place              No. 36  Prussian Rose   by Wendy Luff

Tenth Prize               No.10   Que Sera Sera  by Bryony De La Motte
  • Calico Patch - $100 voucher

Eleventh Place          No. 77  Pharaoh's Folly  by Dacia Wells

Twelth Prize              No. 32  A Country Cottage  by Joan Jackson
  • Wabi-Sabi Designs - $100 voucher

Thirteenth Place        No. 76  My Redwork Quilt  by Dacia Wells

Fourteenth Prize        No. 62  Desert Pools   by Sandra Still
  • Sew Simple - $100 voucher

Fifteenth Place           No. 50  Tumbling Surf   by Cassandra Philpot

Sixteenth Prize           No. 81  Blooms Galore  by Kay White
  • KimoYES - $100 voucher

Seventeenth Prize       No. 21  Concentric?   by Fiona Hammond
  • Hobbysew - $75 voucher

Eighteenth Prize         No. 41  Vision in Blue  by Beryl Morgan
  • Addicted to Fabric - $50 voucher

Nineteenth Place        No. 73  Blue Medallion  by Dacia Wells

Twentieth Place          No. 48  Summer Lanterns  by Cassandra Philpot

Twenty first Prize       No. 20  Carpenter's Wheel  by Glenis Feltham
  • Robyn's Plain n Fancy - Fabric voucher

Twenty second Place  No. 22  Merry Christmas Mum  by Fiona Hammond

Twenty third Prize      No. 26  Paw Magic  by Liz Hendrickson
  • Kezza's Patchwork - fabric bundle

More quilts from the 2016 Exhibition will appear at intervals on this blog and our Facebook page.

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