Saturday, 29 September 2018

Featured speaker at the September Meeting

At the September meeting of Queanbeyan Quilters Inc, long-time member Sandra Still had the attention of everyone in the room riveted on her intricate, original, colourful works. Most of her quilts have gone off to a good home, so she showed her smaller pieces and challenges made over the years since 2000 as well as some trial pieces, a possible centre for a raffle quilt for the 2020 exhibition and a brand new top in a pattern from one of the library books.

Sandra confided that her passion is kaleidoscopes, complicated, multi-piece and stitched onto a foundation that she leaves in the work. As there was a lot of interest in her work, Sandra will have a demonstration night on the topic on Friday 7th December 2018. Be sure to come along and see how she does it.

Here is a selection of Sandra's work, starting with a very early piece, not at all in the style or colours she has since come to enjoy and use.

 A very early quilt

 A quilt showing Olympic sport

 The influence of Gloria Loughman

All manner of dyeing, foiling, printing, bleaching etc

From " Spotlight on Neutrals" by Pat Wys

Centre sections of a raffle quilt

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