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Queanbeyan Quilters Members' Exhibition 2018
2018 Community Challenge
Rural Fire Service
Challenge rules are:
Your quilt design must show some aspect that celebrates or acknowledges the work of the RFS.
You may use any technique you like e.g. traditional blocks, applique, improv style, and so on.
You may use any fabric you like.
Your quilt may be any size or shape as long as it fits within a rectangle up to 20 by 30 inches (50 by 75 cm)
There is a cost of $5.00 to enter your quilt in this challenge. Your contribution will be donated to the RFS. We will also have donation boxes at the Exhibition so that visitors can donate to the RFS.
​Please consider entering this challenge and supporting a local community group.

2018 Club Challenge
Select one of the idioms (listed below) in your challenge pack.
The supplied fat quarter of fabric must be a significant, visible part of your creation.
Your quilt must be 20" x 20" square.
If making a 3D object, its footprint must not be bigger than 14" square.
3 layers of fabric held together by stitching.
Embellishments of any kind are allowed.
Baker's Dozen, Blue Moon, Curiosity Killed the Cat, A Picture Paints A Thousand Words, Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket, Best Thing Since Sliced Bread, A Penny For Your Thoughts, The Whole Nine Yards, Off The Cuff, Bursting At The Seams or Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeves.

Chiatanya Embellishment Award
As in previous years, Fiona Hammond of Chiatanya Designs is sponsoring an embellishment award on any piece of work submitted for exhibition. She is supplying a generous gift voucher to be spent at her Braidwood shop. Members, get busy with the gorgeous added extras which can win you this award!

Queanbeyan Quilters Exhibition 2016 Challenge

  • Your quilt design must show some aspect that celebrates or acknowledges the 30th birthday of Queanbeyan Quilters Inc.
  • You must use a recognisable amount of each of the supplied fabrics on the front of your quilt - not the binding or the back.
  • You can use any technique to develop your theme: piecing, applique, painting, dyeing, embroidery and any embellishments you wish.
Queanbeyan Quilters Community Group Challenge 2016 
NSW State Emergency Service Queanbeyan Unit
Your quilt design must show some aspect that celebrates or acknowledges the work of the Queanbeyan SES, which celebrated 60 years of serving the community in 2015.
  • Use any fabric you wish, but you must include the SES colours of Orange and Blue.
  • These images may give you some ideas for your quilt – but you don’t have to incorporate them in your quilt. The link is to a brochure outlining the NSW SES emergency roles.

You can use any technique to develop your theme: piecing, applique, painting, dyeing, embroidery, and any embellishments you wish.
Your quilt may be any size or shape as long as it fits into a rectangle up to 20 inches by 30 inches (50cmx75cm).
 $5.00 donation to the Queanbeyan SES for each Challenge entry.

30th birthday of Queanbeyan Quilters.

Queanbeyan Quilters Inc turned 30 in 2015 so we are taking the opportunity of the 2016 Exhibition to celebrate this milestone.

The bag contains 4 no. 10 inch squares of fabric.

Quilt must be no larger than 20 inches by 30 inches (50cm x 75cm)

Up the Garden Path

A Group QQ Member’s Hanging for 2014 QQ Exhibition


Size:   14 inches wide
28 inches long
Portrait orientation

A garden themed member’s exhibition featuring small wall hangings, made to the dimensions indicated above. These will hang next to each other (as with the River Quilts) and will hang on 2 levels.  This project is open to all members but is limited to the number of fat quarters we have, which is 50.

A green batik fabric, to be supplied by Claire Ayling, must be a part of each quilt. There is no limit on the amount to be used. The fabric is available from Robyn or Kay in fat quarter pieces at a cost of $4.50 each.

Claire has asked that this group quilt be made available for exhibiting in Goulburn and it will feature at the Queanbeyan Visitor’s Information Centre as part of Queanbeyan’s 175th Anniversary (28 September 2013) and also for the week before Floriade.

You can select - a season, day or night, sunrise/sunset, a specific Country icon, a city garden, a feature such as a bridge, boat, cottage, flowers, trees, weeds, animal or bird/s, flat scene, hilly, mountains, city buildings. …in fact anything goes as long as there is a garden theme to it.

The quilt should be the standard 3 layers.  Any technique can be used – embroidery, photos, bargello, painted, representational, abstract, blocks, work inspired by workshops such as by Fiona Hammond, Kim Bradley, Gloria Loughman or Helen Godden. Adornments can be added – beads, trimmings, 3D work etc.

If you need images try going to and click on images (at the top left of the page) - try keywords such as garden, flowers, bridge, waterfall, mountain stream, autumn, spring, garden fountain and any other words connected with paths and tracks. Try adding the word ‘quilt’ to your keyword search to see quilts made to the theme.

The quilt remains your property although we may ask to borrow it for exhibiting elsewhere. 

Your quilt must have a label that includes your name and what inspired you.

Have fun with this challenge and we look forward to seeing your quilt.

Questions?         Kay ph. 6299 8517     Robyn ph. 6299 8555     


Cheer, Cheer the Red and the White
A display to acknowledge 100 years of the
Red Cross in Australia in 2014.

Rules are:

Use only red and white fabrics that are self patterned, a combination of the two colours or solid. Reds can range from light to dark and whites can include creamy whites, grey whites or self patterned whites. All quilting threads should be red or white. Small amounts of black, gold or silver are also permitted. You may use up to 95% of red or white together with its contrast.

Fabrics and textiles other than cottons may be used provided they are red or white and may include small amounts of black, silver and gold threads or fabric.

Any style of quilt is acceptable - traditional, appliqued, embroidered, incorporating stitchery, modern, painted or miniature.

Subject is open - it does not have to be a Red Cross theme.

Size is to be up to 24" square or to fit into a 24" square therefore allowing for round or irregular sides. There is no minimum size.

Members may enter up to 5 entries however we have the right to limit these if hanging space runs out. The extra entries would then be part of the main exhibition.

You have to keep your quilt/s a secret until they are displayed on the night before the exhibition.

Please register your interest on the 'Cheer, Cheer the Red and White 2014 Challenge' sheet provided so we have numbers prior to the exhibition.

Entry fee for this challenge is a voluntary donation of $5 to the Red Cross to be collected at quilt registration for the 2014 exhibition.


History gets stitched

.…in rust and lace

Use the fabrics in your special numbered kit to create an item that reflects the title of this challenge.


Fabrics in your package include rust dyed fabric together with some lace and old embroidery.

The supplied fabrics in your kit must be identifiable in the finished item.
Minimum or maximum amounts to be used are not specified.

Other fabrics or laces may be incorporated – from leather and suede to organza and tulle. Any colours may be used. See also Needlework*.

Your fabrics can be manipulated – folded, coloured, torn, cut, stamped, needle worked*, overprinted, patchwork, applique etc.

*Needlework: stitchery, canvas embroidery, needle lace, black work, Assisi work, smocking, hardanger, crewel embroidery or cutwork.

Embellishments may be added – buttons, beads, charms, jewellery, cords, shoes, paper, metal, photos etc.

Traditional or Art creations welcome. A limit of 5 entries per member.
One entry per pack - $5.00 per pack.

A card explaining your entry will be attached.

Size and shape:
Finished item to be up to 24” square, straight or irregular sides,
OR able to hung on a coat hanger – max. 16” wide X 48” long,
OR a 3D structure or item that is no more than 15” square at the base.

Your finished item should be an interpretation of the challenge title focusing on the history theme.

Open to all financial Queanbeyan Quilters Inc. members.

Extra rusted pieces of fabric and lace items are available at cost price from Robyn or Kay.

Looking forward to your entries.

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