Monday, 2 July 2012

Wendy's Potato Chip Quilt

This is Wendy Luff's Potato Chip quilt called Stripey Strippy. Completed after our in-house sewing night. She used 40 strips of fabric with yellow zingers. Wendy states she was surprised at how easily it went together. 65 X 75 inches.

1600 Or Potato Chips - more

Jewel of the Night
72" x 84"
One of the club's members was going overseas for many months and donated lots of strips in different colour lots to anyone wanting them. I picked up several, knowing I'd have no trouble finding something to do with them. Eventually. Along came the Never Ending Strip technique and I was in business. I cut and cut, all those offcuts left after you trim the quilt after quilting, pieces of fabric off the shelf that would go with the collection I was working with. This quilt uses 3 inch cut strips on the front, which I think showcases fabrics rather nicely and uses less strips to cover more area. I picked out other fabrics to make the border detail and to make it a bed size of quilt. On the back I have used another strip set in similar colours, this time in 1.5" cut strips, which was not quite vibrant enough for a quilt front. It was named by Kay Sorensen who saw it on one of my posts. It was claimed by my (wait for it) husband's wife's mother, who has it on her bed in the rest home she has just moved to. Kay of Kay's Quilts quilted it with a lovely design at very short notice.

The never-ending strip quilt technique is a fast and furious method of making a quilt and adding the borders makes it bed size and integrates all the different fabrics used within.

Moni Potter decided to try 1.5 inch strips and added the fabulous extra borders to the sides to get width. Unquilted here but will be quilted by Kay of Kay’s Quilts for our local women’s refuge.

A photo from our Show and Tell night. Phillippa Kirkman used bright orange zingers which really made this quilt pop.

Byrony De La Motte made her Potato Chip from a Moda Jelly Roll in soft raspberry and dusty blues. The photo shows it unquilted however she has now quilted it herself.

Narell Smit added red and white zingers to her strips.