Sunday, 17 April 2016

Did you vote for your favourite Small Quilt in our Exhibition?

This is how you voted for the Small Quilts in the 2016 Members' Exhibition held last weekend. Thanks to all our sponsors for their wonderful prizes.

First Prize           No. 110     Topsy Turvey Houses  by Liz Hendrickson

  • Bluebell A1 Quilting - $200 voucher

Second Prize       No. 106    Garden Party  by Fiona Hammond

  • Addicted to Fabric - $100 voucher

Third Place          No. 107   Material Midden   by Fiona Hammond

Fourth Place        No.108    Excentrique Garden  by Liz Hendrickson

Fifth Prize           No. 119    Autumn Owl   by Beryl Morgan

  • Pretty Bobbins - Collection of threads

Sixth Prize          No. 131     Vintage Friendships   by Dacia Wells

  • Spotlight - $50 voucher

Queanbeyan Quilters Challenged....

The wonderful visitors at our recent biennial Exhibition voted for their 
favourite Challenge Quilts on display. 
Thanks to all our amazingly supportive sponsors for their great prizes.

First Prize       Quilt E  by Narell Smit

  • Unique Stitching - $200 voucher

Second Prize   Quilt A  by Liz Hendrickson
  • Sunflower Quilting - Quilting a single bed-sized quilt

Third Prize      Quilt G  by Sandra Still
  • Addicted to Fabric - $50 voucher

Some of the large quilts that you voted for at our sponsored Exhibition

Large Quilts Category

First Prize                No. 58    Alpine Delight   by Narell Smit
  • Scissorman - Ottlite Marrietta floor lamp

Second Prize            No. 75     Japanese Inspirations  by Dacia Wells
  • Claire Ayling Bali Batiks - Batik fabric 

Third Prize               No. 38   Twittersville       by Wendy Luff
  • Kay's Quilts - $175 quilting voucher

Fourth Place             No. 35   La Passacaglia   by Wendy Luff

Fifth Prize                No. 51   Well That's Just Tropical!    by Cassandra Philpot
  • Scissorman - Multi-level floor lamp

Sixth Place               No. 80   Who's Who     by Dacia Wells

Seventh Place          No. 47  Orange Peel   by Cassandra Philpot

Eighth Prize             No. 17   Sampler - King Sized  by Christney Fail
  • Restaway Holiday Units - 1 free night + discounts

Ninth Place              No. 36  Prussian Rose   by Wendy Luff

Tenth Prize               No.10   Que Sera Sera  by Bryony De La Motte
  • Calico Patch - $100 voucher

Eleventh Place          No. 77  Pharaoh's Folly  by Dacia Wells

Twelth Prize              No. 32  A Country Cottage  by Joan Jackson
  • Wabi-Sabi Designs - $100 voucher

Thirteenth Place        No. 76  My Redwork Quilt  by Dacia Wells

Fourteenth Prize        No. 62  Desert Pools   by Sandra Still
  • Sew Simple - $100 voucher

Fifteenth Place           No. 50  Tumbling Surf   by Cassandra Philpot

Sixteenth Prize           No. 81  Blooms Galore  by Kay White
  • KimoYES - $100 voucher

Seventeenth Prize       No. 21  Concentric?   by Fiona Hammond
  • Hobbysew - $75 voucher

Eighteenth Prize         No. 41  Vision in Blue  by Beryl Morgan
  • Addicted to Fabric - $50 voucher

Nineteenth Place        No. 73  Blue Medallion  by Dacia Wells

Twentieth Place          No. 48  Summer Lanterns  by Cassandra Philpot

Twenty first Prize       No. 20  Carpenter's Wheel  by Glenis Feltham
  • Robyn's Plain n Fancy - Fabric voucher

Twenty second Place  No. 22  Merry Christmas Mum  by Fiona Hammond

Twenty third Prize      No. 26  Paw Magic  by Liz Hendrickson
  • Kezza's Patchwork - fabric bundle

More quilts from the 2016 Exhibition will appear at intervals on this blog and our Facebook page.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Who Won the Raffle?

All you wonderful people who bought raffle tickets from us in the past few weeks are no doubt very keen to know who won those wonderful prizes. The tickets were drawn this afternoon at the end of a lovely show and the winners were notified of their good fortune.

1st Prize went to Carmen Stanford with ticket no. 1681. She picked the multi-coloured modern                           quilt "Spots and Dots".

2nd Prize went to Anne Meuronen with ticket no. 1943. She picked the traditional double                                     wedding ring quilt "Burgundy Bouquet".

3rd Prize went to Gillian Currie with ticket no. 0313. She won a 2-night getaway for two at                                  Lake Crackenback Spa & Resort.

SES Community Challenge

This year, Queanbeyan Quilters decided to run a community challenge to benefit the Queanbeyan SES Unit. Members got busy sewing and coming up with ideas to reflect the work that the SES carries out. On Opening night we were lucky to have the SES Local Controller, Robert Cuneen and the SES Public Information Officer, Brent Hunter, the Palerang SES Local Controller, Lloyd Meehan plus two members of the Queanbeyan SES Unit, Anna Lukasiewicz and Cassandra Philpot. Also in attendance was the liberal Federal Member for Eden-Monaro, Dr Peter Hendy.

Here are some pictures of the SES Challenge display.

The Quilt Exhibition is over already!

All of us at Queanbeyan Quilters have been very busy lately, getting ready for our biennial Exhibition. So much to do, all hands turned to the task. As a result, the show went up in record time, thank you members and your families who all turned up to help. Opening night went off well, with lots of our sponsors and distinguished guests gracing our hall with their presence. The supper prepared by Susan Camm was a triumph, more and more delicious food kept coming out to tempt every visitor. The quilts looked stunning, lots of variety in colour, design, skill and size, something we pride ourselves on. First-timers along with experienced quilters felt comfortable exhibiting.

Here are a few photos of the opening of the event.