Wednesday, 27 May 2015

May Meeting and June's Monthly Inspiration

Monthly Inspiration requirements for June were as follows:

Butterflies and insects
Crazy (patch work/quilting)

At the May meeting, several members showed us what they had made with earlier clues. They are all different and it's going to be so interesting at the end to see each one put together.

At the June meeting, we may hear more about the Challenge for next year's Exhibition. I hope lots of members get involved in it and we put on a good show.

Progress has been made on the two Exhibition raffle quilts. Sandra has finished sewing the centre of the double wedding ring quilt and has the fourth side to finish of the beautiful applique border. Unfortunately these days there are not many members who can do fine hand applique work. The contemporary quilt is  going along nicely. On Friday nights members have stitched the 52 blocks together. Now the blocks have been joined into twelve units and sandwiched with batting and backing so that the sashiko style stitching can be done. Here is the first sample unit, with the stitching and the circles in place. Only eleven more to go.