Friday, 24 May 2019

Busy quilters and our many gift quilts

Making a Raffle Quilt

A lot of time gets spent on each quilt that we make. It can start with an idea, a theme, a person, a pattern or a line of fabric that needs to be showcased. For one of the club's raffle quilts, it started with the very talented Jocelyn Proust's fabric designs incorporating native species of birds set in soft colours. Above is a view of work in progress, where we try and find 'friends' to talk to and play with the colours of the birds. Then the long process begins of finding the right pattern; must be interesting, striking, original and a good size.

Demonstrating Patchwork Techniques
From time to time, members of the club are able to support our sponsors. In this case, we were able to set up at the local Spotlight store and field questions about quilting in our area, how to use patterns, make quilts and so forth. The resulting quilt top that was being worked on is then hung up for display and when no longer needed handed back to the club. We are so fortunate to have some long arm quilters as members who can help finish off these quilts which then go out to needy organisations.

Bunyip Fire Quilts

This lovely collection of finished quilts was boxed up and couriered off yesterday to Victoria for distribution to unfortunate people displaced or affected by the recent vicious fires through the area.

Organ Donors at Canberra Hospital
At a very emotional and distressing time in people's lives, receiving a soft, colourful quilt can be very comforting. Here are some more quilts which our busy members have made.

Local Refuge
This pile of quilts was recently donated to a local refuge for distribution to families who are temporarily homeless.