Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Queanbeyan Quilters Inc Bylaws


1.       Name & Aims
1.1    Name of Organisation
The name of the organisation shall be Queanbeyan Quilters Incorporated, hereinafter called the association.
1.2       Aims of Organisation
The aims of the organisation shall be:
        to promote the art and craft of patchwork and quilting;
        to bring people together interested in patchwork and quilting;
        to encourage and maintain high standards of workmanship and design in all styles of patchwork and quilting;
        to foster interest In the history of patchwork and quilting;
          to organise exhibitions;
        to publish a newsletter;
        to organise workshops; and
     to make a quilt to be given to a Queanbeyan charity or community organisation, decided by majority vote of members.
2.       Membership
2.1       Membership Qualifications
A member shall be any person interested in patchwork and quilting, who has read and agreed to abide by the constitution and who has paid the current subscription fee.
2.2       Resignation of Membership
A member of the association who has paid appropriate subscription fees may resign from membership of the association by first giving notice in writing to the secretary of the members intention to resign and, upon the expiration of the period of the notice, the member ceases to be a member.
2.3           Register of Members
The Public Officer of the association shall establish and maintain a register of members specifying the name and address of each person together with the date on which the person became a member or ceases to be a member under rule 2.2.
2.4       Fees, Subscriptions, etc
A member of the association shall pay to the association an annual membership fee determined by the Committee. This annual subscription is due by 31 July.
2.4           2.5 Honorary Membership
At the discretion of the committee, honorary membership may be offered to current or past members in recognition of long term membership and support they have given the club.
This bylaw is proposed by the Committee to recognise members or former members who have worked hard in many ways to ensure the success of the Club. In the case of former members, this will enable them to attend meetings, functions etc. and to receive newsletters, thus remaining in contact with the group.
3.       The Committee
3.1       Membership
i         The Committee shall consist of the office-bearers of the association and 3 ordinary members, each of whom shall be elected at the annual general meeting of the association.
ii        The office-bearers of the association shall be:
      the president;
      the vice-president;
      the treasurer, and
      the secretary.
iii          The ordinary members of the Committee shall fulfill the roles of:
      librarian and equipment officer,
      publicity officer, and
      workshop organiser.
iv          No office bearer or ordinary Committee member shall hold the same position for more than three consecutive years, excepting in exceptional circumstances.  If such circumstances arise, Queanbeyan Quilters membership may consider a longer term of office.

v        Each member of the Committee shall, subject to these rules, hold office until the conclusion of the annual general meeting following the date of the member’s election, but is eligible for re-election.
vi       Each member of the Committee shall prepare a job description for their position, detailing the tasks to be carried out and any special timeframes that should be adhered to. This is to be updated by subsequent holders of each position.
3.2       Qualifications of Committee
Each member nominated for membership of the Committee must be a financial member of the association for 12 months prior to the nomination.
3.3 President
The president shall chair meetings and keep matters running smoothly.
3.4 Secretary
It Is the duty of the secretary to keep:
      minutes of all appointments of officer-bearers and members of the Committee;
      details of names of Committee members present at a Committee meeting or a general meeting;
      a register of members of the association;           r
      minutes of all proceedings at Committee meetings, ordinary and general meetings; and
      a record of all correspondence of the association.
3.5 Treasurer
It is the duty of the treasurer of the association to ensure that:
      all money due to the association is collected and received and that all payments authorised by the association are made;
    correct books and accounts are kept showing the financial affairs of the association including full details of all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the association;
      all money received by the association shall be deposited as soon as practicable, and without deduction, to the credit of the association's bank account;
      the association shall, as soon as possible after receiving any money, issue an appropriate receipt;
      books to be offered to the nominated auditor prior to the annual general meeting; and
      a financial statement is to be presented at each ordinary meeting and the annual general meeting.

3.6  Delegation by Committee to Sub-Committee
i      The Committee may delegate, by Instrument in writing, to one or more Sub-Committees (consisting of such members of the association as the Committee thinks fit) the exercise of such of the functions of the Committee as are specified in the instrument. The powers of the sub-Committee are to be outlined in the instrument.
ii      By the August ordinary meeting prior to the exhibition an exhibition sub-Committee is to be formed, according to the guidelines, headed by an exhibition co-ordinator.

4. Meetings
4.1  Ordinary Meetings
Shall be held monthly, allowing for a recess at Christmas.
4.2  Annual General Meeting
i      Shall be held in July or within six months of the expiration of the financial year of the association and shall be notified as an Annual General Meeting.
ii      In addition to any other business which may be transacted at an annual general meeting, the business of on Annual General Meeting shall be:
·         to confirm the minutes of the last preceding Annual General Meeting and any special general meeting held since that meeting; and
·         to receive from the Committee reports upon the activities of the association during the last preceding financial year.
4.3 Special General Meetings
The Committee may convene a special general meeting of the association, whenever it thinks fit.
4.4 Voting
i      Upon any question arising at a general meeting of the association a member has one vote only.
ii      Only financial members may vote at a general meeting.
5. Miscellaneous
5.1 Fund-Management
i      Subject to any resolution passed by the association in general meeting, the funds of the association shall be used in the pursuance of the aims of the association in such manner as the Committee determines.
ii      All payments from the funds of the association shall be by cheque signed by two of the following office-bearers: President, Secretary or Treasurer.
iii     All legitimate expenses of the association shall be met from the funds of the association.
iv     Financial records of the association shall be open to all members at all meetings.
v     The financial year of the association shall be from 1 July in one calendar year until 30 June in the subsequent calendar year.
5.2 Charity Quilt
i.       All requests or nominations to make a Charity Quilt should be submitted in writing by 15 September each year. Details should be advised in the Club Newsletter to all members to allow discussion and consideration to be given at the November meeting.
ii.      The Charity voted on by a majority of members will then receive the Quilt to be donated in the following year.
iii.     Requests for assistance in time of disasters or that assistance provided in the normal conduct of Club activities would be excluded and dealt with separately.

5.3 Workshop Policy
i.       Only financial members may attend workshops and classes, except in circumstances  specified in vii below
ii.     Members must pay in advance for workshop attendance.
iii.    Members must pay a deposit of $10.00 when registering interest in attending a workshop
iv.    Payment in full is required 2 weeks before a scheduled class or prior to the cancellation date set by the tutor..  Members who have not made the payment at this time will forfeit their place, which will be offered to those on the waiting list
v.     Members must inform the workshop coordinator as soon as possible if they are unable to attend a class.  A refund will be paid if  EITHER
·                     notification of non-attendance is made to the workshop coordinator two weeks before the scheduled class or prior to the cancellation date set by the tutor
·                notification of non-attendance is made less than two weeks before the class, and there is a replacement available
vi.    If the number of members able to attend a scheduled workshop is insufficient to cover the cost of presenting the workshop, the workshop organiser may invite non-members to attend the workshhop.  The cost of such attendance may be higher than that applying to members.
vii.   If the number of members and non-members able to attend a scheduled workshop is insufficient to cover the cost of presenting the workshop, it may be cancelled. Members and non-members who have paid either in full or a deposit for that workshop will receive a full refund of the amount they have paid.