Thursday, 24 May 2012

River Quilt Display

The Queanbeyan River Quilt exhibition is on display at the Queanbeyan Visitor Information Centre
until mid-July 2012. If you are in Queanbeyan or calling through, then please drop by and see these stunning quilts by the members of the Queanbeyan Quilters. Please show your support for this exhibition by taking the time to stop off and visit. Why not take a friend or relative to the exhibition, and check out all the available information about our local town and the surrounding district. You will be surprised at what you discover! And say hello to the lovely Tracey and her crew who provide information and guidance to visitors.

Bus trip to Sydney quilt show

The Queanbeyan Quilters have arranged for a bus trip to the Sydney quilt show on Saturday 16 June 2012. The bus will leave the Q car park in Lowe Street Queanbeyan at 6.30am, and will leave the Darling Harbour Complex at 4pm, arriving back into Queanbeyan at approximately 8pm. There will be a scheduled break at McDonalds Sutton Forrest in both directions. Cost for members of Queanbeyan Quilters is $45, and for non-members is $60. To reserve a space please phone Narell (02) 6297 0612 before the 30 May 2012.

Friday, 11 May 2012


Robyn McPherson and Kay White issued a challenge to members to participate in creating a series of interconnecting River Quilts.
Robyn based the Challenge around the exhibit of River Quilts at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah.

The basic guideline was that the quilts were to have river entry and exit points of 4, 5 or 6 inches wide which could be at any point on each side of the quilt. The river could then meander across the quilt according to the quilter’s own creativity.

Such as been the success of the project that Robyn and Kay have a vision that the ‘River Quilts’ will become a ‘living’ and ‘growing exhibition  being expanded not only by Queanbeyan Quilters but by all quilters.

‘River Quilts’ is available to other quilt groups  for display at  meetings or shows. The guidelines developed by Queanbeyan Quilters are also available for interested groups.

From LHS; Welcome to Queanbeyan by Robyn McPherson, Dream River by Noreen McLean, River Jigsaw by Robyn McPherson, Untitled by Narell Smit.
From LHS: Sitting by the River by Wendy Luff, A Strippy River by Narell Smit, Eat Money by Sue Camm, Tibooburra by Phillippa Kirkman
From LHS: Paper Boats by Robyn McPherson, Music of the Night by Wendy Luff, Riverview by Bryony De La Motte, A Celtic River by Leslie Schwartz
From LHS: River Sunrise by Sandra Still, Log Cabin River by Kay White, Tasmanian River by Phillippa Kirkman, Evening Skaters by Robyn McPherson
From LHS: A Riverview by Bryony De La Motte, A Celtic River by Leslie Schwartz, Moon Over the Mountain, By the River by Joan Jackson
'Tell us More...'
Bargello River with Ducks by Robyn McPherson, Taking in the View by Robyn McPherson, Perth Views, River Sunrise.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Group quilts at Queanbeyan Quilters Inc. 2012 Exhibition

Line of Design – Red

Our first Group quilt based on a similar challenge by the Milwaukee Art Quilters

On this group quilt members were give an entry point and an exit point for the red cord. Choice of subject was left to the quilt maker.
Sometimes the cord winds itself into a ball other times it goes straight across.

From top LHS following the red line:

Noreen McLean, Cassandra Philpot, Bryony De La Motte
Sally Stratton, Kay White, Robyn McPherson
Judith Crispin, Sue Davis, Sandra Still
Water Themed quilt by the group Connecting Threads.

The blue braid follows the same route as the red line in the ‘red line group’ quilt.

Under the rules set the braid could shred, divide or be left intact.

From top LHS following the blue braid:

Cassandra Philpot, Robyn McPherson , Noreen McLean
Sandra Still, Bryony De La Motte, Kay White,
Sally Stratton, Judith Crispin, Sue Davis 

Music Quilt#1    Overall Title – Rainbow Connection

Group Quilt made by 9 members and representing 10 songs

From top LHS:

Lady in Red by Nena Marsh
Home on the Range by Noreen McLean
Yellow Brick Road by Sue Camm
It’s Not Easy Being Green by Grace Brown
Octopus’ Garden by Jan Gray
This is a copy of a Blues record album cover by Angela Pappaterra
Purple People Eater (with blinking LED Eye) by Robyn McPherson
Purple Rain by Kay White
It’s a Wonderful World by Myra Kerr.

Music Quilt #2  Overall Title – Rainbow Connection

Group Quilt made by 9 members and representing 10 songs

From top LHS:

I See Red by Phillippa Kirkman
Tequila Sunrise by Chris Charlton
Happy Birthday by Robyn McPherson
I’m a Tiger by Sandra Still
Red Sails in the Sunset by Margaret Inwood
Denim and Lace by Narell Smit
Purple Haze by Wendy Luff
Missing when photographed is Under a Purple Moon by Lesley Horn
Castles in the Air by Robyn McPherson

Queanbeyan Quilters Inc. - Sponsors Awards Part 1

Blueberry Bliss - Robyn Cawdron

Floral Windows - close up 

Floral Windows - Elaine Niit
This beautiful quilt was displayed at the Australasian Quilt Show in Melbourne the week before.
Turning 60 - Robyn McPherson

Jacobean in Shadow - Sandra Still
Urban Graphics - Robyn Cawdron

A close up of the quilting on 'Memories of Yester Year' by Yvonne Fritsch.

Queanbeyan Quilters Inc. - Viewers Choice

1st. Violets and More - Beryl Morgan

2nd Midnight Magic- Cassandra Philpot

3rd. Birds of a Feather - Robyn Cawdron

 4th. Ice-cream Sundae - Kay White
5th. Not Exactly White - June Beaver
6th Summer - Kay White
7th Memories of Yester Year - Yvonne Fritsch

Queanbeyan Quilters Inc. Raffle Winners

 Drawn at the Exhibition on Sunday 29th April  by QQ Foundation Member, Joan Jackson.

1st Ticket 0745      A Morgan

 ‘New York Summer,’ a stunning multi-coloured New York Beauty quilt (backing and batting donated by Addicted to Fabric; quilting donated by Kay’s Quilts) 

2nd Ticket 2413      Ros Shaw

A Brother Innov-is 200, Quilters Edition (donated by Stitches of Canberra, 55 Colbee Court, Philip)

3rd Ticket 0949      Judy Robertson

 ‘Turkish Blue,’ a beautiful blue and cream quilt (quilting donated by Kay’s Quilts)