Friday, 11 May 2012


Robyn McPherson and Kay White issued a challenge to members to participate in creating a series of interconnecting River Quilts.
Robyn based the Challenge around the exhibit of River Quilts at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah.

The basic guideline was that the quilts were to have river entry and exit points of 4, 5 or 6 inches wide which could be at any point on each side of the quilt. The river could then meander across the quilt according to the quilter’s own creativity.

Such as been the success of the project that Robyn and Kay have a vision that the ‘River Quilts’ will become a ‘living’ and ‘growing exhibition  being expanded not only by Queanbeyan Quilters but by all quilters.

‘River Quilts’ is available to other quilt groups  for display at  meetings or shows. The guidelines developed by Queanbeyan Quilters are also available for interested groups.

From LHS; Welcome to Queanbeyan by Robyn McPherson, Dream River by Noreen McLean, River Jigsaw by Robyn McPherson, Untitled by Narell Smit.
From LHS: Sitting by the River by Wendy Luff, A Strippy River by Narell Smit, Eat Money by Sue Camm, Tibooburra by Phillippa Kirkman
From LHS: Paper Boats by Robyn McPherson, Music of the Night by Wendy Luff, Riverview by Bryony De La Motte, A Celtic River by Leslie Schwartz
From LHS: River Sunrise by Sandra Still, Log Cabin River by Kay White, Tasmanian River by Phillippa Kirkman, Evening Skaters by Robyn McPherson
From LHS: A Riverview by Bryony De La Motte, A Celtic River by Leslie Schwartz, Moon Over the Mountain, By the River by Joan Jackson
'Tell us More...'
Bargello River with Ducks by Robyn McPherson, Taking in the View by Robyn McPherson, Perth Views, River Sunrise.

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