Sunday, 8 February 2015

What we did on Friday night...

Evenings at Queanbeyan Quilters has been bustling with activity lately . Last Friday was no exception, with lots of members there, with their cutting mats, sewing machines, hand sewing projects and the like. Narell led the team in undoing and resewing blocks for the next black, white and lime quilt. Cassandra cut rectangles which others rapidly sewed together. This is what those rectangles look like now. The fabrics belonged to one of our late and much beloved members and show what excellent taste she had.

1915 - 2015
Boni paid us a visit on Friday night too, bringing with her the completed quilt featuring Australian peace women who helped found and build WILPF nationally and internationally. WILPF (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom) has helped increase understanding of alternatives to armed conflict, and the importance of women being involved in peace negotiations. In April 1915, as ANZACs were landing on Gallipoli, 1300 women from warring and neutral nations met at The Hague at the International Congress of Women to set out resolutions for ending all war.

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